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For the validation of the Immunoscore, a network of world-class research institutes, clinicians, pathologists, immunologists, oncologists and highly regarded hospitals all over Europe, US, Canada, Middle-East, Australia, China and Japan, has been established.
For worldwide Immunoscore inquiries please contact: jerome.galon@crc.jussieu.fr

Furthermore a French multicentric study, PHRC 2011 (Franck Pages), is ongoing to validate the power of the Immunoscore on a prospective study.
For PHRC inquiries please contact: franck.pages@egp.aphp.fr

We believe that this cooperation with experienced researchers, investigators, clinicians, pathologists, immunologists, oncologists, creates the basis for a focused and successful development of novel classification of cancer patients.

We are seeking for randomized clinical trial of cancer patients (any cancer type) undergoing adjuvant therapy (chemotherapy, immunotherapy, biotherapy, cell therapy)

Academic institutions seeking to find out more about collaborations can directly contact us through:

Academic institutions seeking to find out more about collaborative research agreement (CRA), confidential disclosure agreement (CDA), and material transfert agreement (MTA) can directly contact INSERM-Transfert office through: