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The Immunoscore®

as a new possible approach for cancer classification.


Jérôme Galon
Research director
Head of the Laboratory of Integrative Cancer Immunology
INSERM UMRS1138, Paris, France

Over the past few years, the area of immune regulation at the level of the tumor microenvironment has gained a forefront position in cancer research. At the same time, advances have been made in the development of an immune score, called "Immunoscore"®, as a prognostic factor.

In an effort to promote the Immunoscore in routine clinical settings, a worldwide task force was initiated by Dr Galon.

The working group composed of international expert pathologists and immunologists identified a strategy for the organization of a worldwide participation by various groups for the validation of the Immunoscore.


July, 2014    Natural and therapy-induced anticancer immunosurveillance: the Immunoscore, Paris, France

January, 2014    Tumor immunology symposium: The Immunoscore in cancer, Doha, Qatar

December, 2013    Melanoma bridge meeting: The Immunoscore in cancer, Naples, Italy

November, 2013    SITC annual meeting organizer and chairman: Biomarkers in cancer, Washington DC, USA

December, 2012    The first Meeting on the Immunoscoring will be held in Naples, Italy

13.03.2012    The Society for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer and Fondazione Melanoma organize a task force on Immunoscoring in Naples, Italy